Serenity Embodied: 18 Inch Lotus Krishna Moorti in Pure Marble


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Enchanting 18-inch Lotus Krishna Moorti: Crafted from pure marble, this divine sculpture exudes serenity. Priced at 70,000 INR, it weighs approximately 25 kg and comes with secure wooden box packaging. Experience the blessings of Lord Krishna’s presence in your sacred space with worldwide delivery available.

Discover the serenity embodied in our 18-inch Lotus Krishna Moorti. This exquisite sculpture, crafted from pure marble, captures the essence of Krishna surrounded by blooming lotus flowers. The intricate details and fine craftsmanship bring this divine form to life, radiating peace and tranquility.

Priced at 70,000 INR, this masterpiece is an embodiment of artistry and devotion. Each curve and contour reflects the divine grace of Lord Krishna. Weighing approximately 25 kg, it is carefully packaged in a wooden box to ensure safe delivery to any corner of the world.

Invite the divine presence of Lotus Krishna Moorti into your home or sacred space, and experience the blessings of love, joy, and spiritual enlightenment. This exquisite Moorti is a symbol of devotion and a reminder of the eternal beauty and wisdom that Krishna represents.

Embrace the sacred energy that emanates from this enchanting sculpture and let it inspire a deeper connection with the divine. With worldwide delivery available, bring the serenity and enchantment of Lotus Krishna into your life and cherish the divine presence forever.


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