Mighty 2 fit Hanuman: The Divine Protector Idol


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Experience the divine presence of Lord Hanuman with the Hanuman Ji Moorti by Madhav Arts. Meticulously crafted with reverence, this majestic idol symbolizes strength, courage, and unwavering devotion. Place it in your sacred space and invite the divine energy of Lord Hanuman into your life. Let this remarkable creation inspire and protect you on your spiritual journey.

Customizable 18-inch Hanuman Ji Murti: Made from exquisite pure Vietnam marble, handcrafted to perfection. Personalize your idol with your choice of design. With a production time of one month, we offer worldwide delivery (additional charges apply). Each piece is carefully packaged in a wooden box for secure transportation—price: 60,000 INR.

Introducing the majestic Hanuman Ji Moorti crafted by Madhav Arts, a testament to the awe-inspiring strength and devotion of the revered deity. Imbued with intricate artistry and spiritual significance, this idol captures the essence of Lord Hanuman’s unwavering loyalty and divine protection.


Every aspect of the Hanuman Ji idol is meticulously sculpted by our skilled artisans, showcasing the iconic physical attributes and celestial aura of the deity. The idol emanates a sense of power and grace, with each detail crafted with utmost precision and reverence.

Created using the finest materials, this idol is a testament to Madhav Arts’ commitment to quality and authenticity. The exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable finishing highlight the divine beauty of Lord Hanuman, making it a remarkable centerpiece in any sacred space or home altar.

The Hanuman Ji idol serves as a powerful symbol of strength, courage, and devotion. It is believed that having this idol in your presence can inspire resilience, grant protection, and ignite a deeper connection with Lord Hanuman’s divine energy.

Invite the divine presence of Lord Hanuman into your life with the Hanuman Ji Moorti by Madhav Arts. Let this exquisite creation serve as a constant reminder of the mighty protector and instill a sense of spirituality, strength, and unwavering faith in your home or place of worship.

Experience the blessings and divine energy of Lord Hanuman with this extraordinary idol from Madhav Arts, where craftsmanship and spirituality converge to create an object of veneration and reverence.


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