15 Inch Radhe Krishna Idol


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Experience the divine love of Radhe Krishna with the exquisite idol by Madhav Arts. Meticulously crafted with devotion, this masterpiece captures the eternal romance between Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Every detail, from their tender expressions to intricate adornments, emanates divine beauty. Place this idol in your sacred space and invite the blissful energy of love, devotion, and harmony into your life. Let the Radhe Krishna idol from Madhav Arts fill your home with the divine presence of this celestial couple.

Elegant 18 inch Radha Krishna Idol: Crafted with precision from pure marble, adorned with intricate gold work. With a production time of one month, we offer worldwide delivery. Each idol is carefully packaged in a wooden box, ensuring safe transportation and arrival to your doorstep.


Introducing the exquisite Radhe Krishna idol by Madhav Arts, a sublime representation of the eternal love shared between Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Meticulously crafted with profound devotion and artistic finesse, this idol captures the divine romance and spiritual union of the celestial couple.


Every intricate detail of the Radhe Krishna idol is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans, who possess a deep understanding of the divine essence and symbolism of the deity. From the tender expressions of love to the intricately embellished attire, every element of this idol exudes a sense of divine beauty and serenity.

The idol is sculpted with precision and care, using the finest materials to ensure a flawless finish that accentuates the divine grace and intricacy of the artwork. Whether placed in a sacred temple, meditation room, or as a centerpiece in your home, the Radhe Krishna idol from Madhav Arts radiates a profound sense of spiritual energy, invoking love, devotion, and harmony.

Embrace the divine presence of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha in your life with the Radhe Krishna idol by Madhav Arts. Let this enchanting creation inspire a deep connection with the divine and fill your space with the eternal love and blessings of the divine couple. Experience the blissful union of Radha and Krishna and invite their divine grace into your home with this extraordinary masterpiece from Madhav Arts.


Despite its modest size, the 15-inch Radhe Krishna idol is a masterpiece of meticulous craftsmanship. Every curve, every expression, and every nuance of the divine couple’s presence is delicately carved into the idol. Crafted with precision, the idol captures the essence of love, devotion, and the eternal bond between Radha and Krishna.


Radha and Krishna, the divine lovers in Hindu mythology, symbolize the eternal union of the individual soul (Jivatma) with the Supreme (Paramatma). In this compact idol, Radhe and Krishna’s entwined figures, adorned with symbolic accessories, tell a story of devotion, passion, and the cosmic dance of divine love.

Spiritual Aura:

Placing the 15-inch Radhe Krishna idol in your sacred space creates an intimate connection with the divine. Whether it graces a personal altar or a meditation corner, the idol radiates a spiritual energy that transcends its size. Devotees often find solace and inspiration in the presence of Radha and Krishna, fostering a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.

Crafting Excellence:

Crafted with love and reverence, the 15-inch idol is a result of skilled artisans channeling their expertise into this sacred creation. Despite its size, the attention to detail is evident, capturing the divine essence of Radhe and Krishna. The choice of materials adds to the idol’s charm, ensuring a lasting and meaningful representation of the divine duo.

Caring for the Idol:

To preserve the idol’s beauty, it is recommended to clean it with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as these may compromise the delicate features of the sculpture. Regular care ensures that the 15-inch Radhe Krishna idol continues to be a source of spiritual inspiration and beauty in your sacred space.

In conclusion, the 15-inch Radhe Krishna idol may be small in size, but its spiritual significance is boundless. As you welcome this miniature masterpiece into your home, may it remind you of the eternal love and devotion encapsulated in the divine union of Radha and Krishna, inspiring a sense of peace and connection with the divine.


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