Shivji Marble Murti with pure Makrana Marble


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Embrace the divine presence of Lord Shiva with the exquisite idol by Madhav Arts. Crafted with reverence, this masterpiece captures His supreme power and spiritual serenity. Place it in your sacred space and invite the transformative energy of Lord Shiva into your life. Let this remarkable creation inspire inner strength, spiritual growth, and a profound connection with the divine.

Exquisite 5 ft Shiv Ji Moorti: Handcrafted from pure white marble, this masterpiece reflects intricate artistry. The approximate production time is 3 months. Priced at 4 lakh INR, we offer worldwide delivery with additional transportation charges. Each piece is securely packaged in a wooden box.


Introducing the magnificent Lord Shiva, the embodiment of cosmic energy and spiritual liberation. With profound reverence and awe-inspiring craftsmanship, Madhav Arts presents the divine idol of Lord Shiva, capturing the essence of His supreme power and transcendental presence.

Every detail of the Shivji Marble Murti is meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans, reflecting His iconic attributes and divine symbolism. From the intricate depiction of His third eye, matted locks, and the sacred serpent around His neck to His tranquil countenance and the divine trident in His hand, every aspect resonates with His immense grace and eternal serenity.

The idol is sculpted with exceptional precision, using premium materials, to bring out the magnificence of Lord Shiva’s form. His divine presence radiates a sense of awe and reverence, inspiring deep contemplation and spiritual connection.

Placing the Shivji Marble Murti in your sacred space or home altar creates a sublime environment, inviting the benevolent energy and blessings of the supreme deity. Lord Shiva’s profound symbolism of destruction and creation, detachment and devotion, makes Him the ultimate guide on the spiritual path.

Experience the transformative presence of Lord Shiva with the divine idol by Madhav Arts. Let His essence permeate your surroundings, bringing peace, strength, and spiritual awakening. Invite the divine energy of Shivji Marble Murti into your life and embark on a journey of self-realization and transcendence with this extraordinary masterpiece from Madhav Arts.


Standing tall in the ethereal beauty of pure Makrana marble, the Shivji Marble Murti is a masterpiece crafted by skilled artisans whose expertise has been passed down through generations. The pristine white marble serves as a canvas for intricate detailing, capturing the divine attributes of Lord Shiva – from the flowing tresses to the third eye, every aspect is carved with reverence and precision.


Lord Shiva, the cosmic dancer and the embodiment of destruction and creation, finds manifestation in this exquisite marble murti. The symbolism behind each element – the serene countenance, the crescent moon adorning his locks, and the gentle flow of the sacred Ganges from his hair – invokes a deep sense of spirituality. Devotees find solace and inspiration in the profound symbolism, connecting with the divine presence of Lord Shiva.

Spiritual Energy:

Placing the Shivji Marble Murti in your sacred space transforms it into a sanctum of spiritual energy. Whether it graces a home temple or meditation area, the murti emanates a tranquil presence, inviting devotees to connect with the divine. The pure Makrana marble acts as a conduit for the spiritual vibrations, creating an environment conducive to meditation and inner reflection.

Crafting Process:

Makrana marble, renowned for its luminosity and durability, undergoes a meticulous crafting process to bring out the finest details of the Shivji Marble Murti. Artisans employ traditional techniques, blending skill and devotion, to create a sculpture that not only captures the physical form of Lord Shiva but also resonates with the spiritual essence he embodies.

Maintenance and Care:

To preserve the pristine beauty of the marble murti, it is advisable to clean it with a soft, dry cloth regularly. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may compromise the integrity of the marble. With proper care, this divine sculpture will continue to radiate its spiritual aura, becoming a timeless symbol of devotion and tranquility in your sacred space.

In conclusion, the Shivji Marble Murti in pure Makrana marble is more than a sculptural masterpiece; it’s a sacred conduit that invites devotees to connect with the divine presence of Lord Shiva. As you invite this majestic murti into your life, may it inspire inner peace, devotion, and a profound sense of spiritual connection


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